Mingo Fishtrap


Instrument(s): Fender P-Bass
Nicknames: Big Rog, pops
Where did you grow up: Illinois and Louisiana
Birthday: June 29
Sign: Cancer
School(s): Old School, Hard Knocks, Loyola, N.O.
Your first performance (you can recall): [First paid performance.] It was Spring of 1963 at the Buckhorn Saloon in Melville, La. with a band called The Knights - later it became The Midnighters. It was a smokey, little dive with animal heads, horns, even whole critters mounted all over the walls and ceiling along with every type of firearm ever invented to kill man or beast. I received $13 and several invitations to the parking lot by an assortment of drunken "ladies" who thought a tall, skinny 13 year-old might be entertaining.
Listens to: My hormones
Favorite food: Gumbo
Favorite drink: Orange juice
What toppings to you like on your pizza: Seafood
Favorite magazine: Popular Science
Car you drive: Let me sell you a bus
What you'd rather be driving: MCI J-4500 custom entertainer coach
Annoying habit: Not-a-one, not me
Favorite movies: Star Wars Trilogy, Dumb and Dumber
Favorite season: Football season
Strangest thing you ate?: Armadillo
Hobbies: Humor, reading, Xbox, buses
Embarassing moment: Learning why to always wear a jock-strap when wearing basketball shorts
Worst gig you ever did: Playing a 30 minute showcase at the Ace of Clubs in Nashville - broke 2 strings in the first song and had to play the remaining 6 songs on 2 strings
Words of wisdom: If it smells bad, don't eat it
Jibba or Jabba?: I'm a flim-flam man
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Roger Blevins, sr. plays and endorses:
Fender Guitars