Mingo Fishtrap


I grew up in Kennebunk, ME, which is probably the last place on earth one would expect a soul music loving, Billy Preston imitating keyboard player to emerge from.  But my folks are musicians who had a band that would rehearse all the time at my house, so I was fortunate to constantly be around older, more seasoned players who were showing me the ropes long before most musicians usually get to know that stuff.  I was eventually welcomed into that band with them when I was 13, so I spent just about every weekend night of my high school career playing in clubs with musicians 30-50 years older than me while my high school friends were likely partying by some abandoned quarry and getting arrested.

So with my social life hanging by a thread, I figured I’d just finish it off by accepting a scholarship to Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, where I was fortunate to have had some incredible opportunities.  Some of which included performing and recording with people like John Mayer, Steve Winwood, and Earth Wind and Fire’s Philip Bailey.   It was also during that time that I was turned on to some band in Austin called Mingo Fishtrap.  At the time I was playing a lot of funk and soul music, listening to stuff like Soulive, Tower of Power, New Orleans Funk... so when I heard Mingo for the first time, it was like a perfect storm of the music I’d grown up with and had recently gotten into.  I’d never heard Detroit, Memphis, Oakland, and New Orleans all in one place.  Not to mention these sounds had been arranged around GOOD songs.  Not tunes with forced, high difficulty arrangements... but well written, catchy songs with an extra kick to em.  So being the 21st century, I felt inclined to send a message to the band (on myspace of course, where else?) simply praising the band for what they were doing and that I’d hope to catch them live sometime.  To my surprise I got a message back, turned out they had recently become in need of a new keys player.  I just happened to be nearing the end of my time at Berklee so the timing was perfect, and the rest is history. So here I am, once again the youngest member of a band, this time only by a mere 14 years!  But the freshmen hazing goes on...

...and on...
Instrument(s): B-3 Organ, Wurli, Rhodes, Piano, keys, vocals
Nick names: DanefromMaine
Where'd you grow up: Alone in a dark basement in Maine... with a Casio keyboard.
School(s): Berklee College of Weirdos.  I mean... Music.
Favorite food: Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee
Fav drink: ...Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee
Car you drive: 2011 Mercedes Organ Transporter Ltd.
What you'd rather be driving: 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Annoying habit: Eating slower than anyone on the face of the earth.  Though it's quite healthy.
Listens to: His Mother.
Favorite movies: The funny ones, the scary ones, and obviously The Notebook.
Strangest thing you ate when you were a kid?: I just know I would eat the sand at the beach.  I guess once in a while there was a hint of fish... which was apparently enough to keep me coming back.
Do you believe in aliens? Totes.
I play: A big black organ
Siblings: A cat named Aldous, whose agility is often compared to that of a monkey.
Hobbies: Criticizing bad lyrics
If I weren't a musician, I'd wanna be: On a soap opera
Most embarrassing moment?: Every video of me on YouTube.
Worst gig you ever played: I had a certain piano bar gig one summer when I was 18, been trying to buy my soul back ever since.
Words of Wisdom: A morning of awkwardness is far better than a night of loneliness