Mingo Fishtrap


Instrument(s): Percussion
Nickname:  Urdy
Where'd you grow up: Austin, TX
Birthday: Sept. 1
Schools: John H Reagan HS, ACC, SWTSU
Sign: Virgo
Favorite food: Italian
Favorite drink: Jack & Coke
Coke or Pepsi: Coke 
What toppings do you like on your pizza: Beef, ham and black olives
Favorite magazine: ‘Drum’
Car you drive: Soon to be a BMW 323i
What you'd rather be driving: 1966 Corvette (split window)
Listens to: The Isley Brothers, The Bar-Kays, EWF, Otis Redding,Toto, Kirk Whalum, The Doobie Brothers, Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder, Santana...
Favorite movies: Anything with aliens and lots of explosions
Favorite season: A nice salt and pepper mix is fine, but Fall will do
Strangest thing you ate when you were a kid:  Chitlins. Thats some nasty a** s**, what the hell’s wrong with people?
Do you believe in aliens: Yes , i have some in my family.
Siblings: See above re: aliens
Hobbies: Collect comic books and swords
Jibba or Jabba?: Jabba           
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Mikel plays and endorses: Soultone Cymbals