Mingo Fishtrap


"I was born in Jackson, MS and grew up listening to the bands Pops was in and all the records they were learning and playing.  Those soul, funk and rhythm & blues standards were my early life's soundtrack.  Later on, when I was 10 or so, I used to go to the Gospel service on the Air Force base chapel. The deacon who was greeting folks would let my friends and I (who were not at all dressed for an audience with the Lord) sit upstairs in the balcony.  That had a huge impact on me; seeing how the music truly moved and united this entire group of people, how important and sure the rhythm was.  There was a choir but everybody sang, there was a band but everybody stomped and clapped.  

I started Mingo Fishtrap while attending UNT because I really missed hearing those soul tunes and needed some music that was non school-related.  It just took off, and we went with it.  It has been quite a ride so far.

I love music.  I want to chase it around like a little kid chases a dog.  I feel blessed and grateful to be able to try to catch it everyday."
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