Mingo Fishtrap


Instrument(s): Trumpet, Flugelhorn, FX 
Nicknames: Butts, Buttsy, ask Cole, Sir and "The B"
Where did you grow up: Kaiapoi, New Zealand (The land of the long white cloud)
Birthday: Yes I actually have one
Sign: Barracuda
School(s): Kaiapoi Borough school, Kaiapoi High School, Christchurch School of Music, Wellington Conservatory of Music, Hard Knocks College, University Of North Texas
Your first performance (you can recall): Playing snare drum on "Little Drummer Boy" and various and sundry engagements on bass recorder, and soprano recorder. Now to and hence forthwith to be referred to as a "Nose Flute"
What led you to play in Mingo: Invited by Mickey Paul (Trumpet) to come play and have some fun with 2 trumpets. I think I was officially Trumpet Player #32 in a short period of time. Back in the old days at UNT. The only guy in the band not asked to be in it by Rog. (sorry man) Ha ha
Listens to: Trumpet all the time. Go Horns
Favorite Food: KFC and Sushi but not together
Favorite Drink: Scotch, Irish Car bombs.... Oh heck I like em all
Coke or Pepsi (or): Dr. Pepper as I'm getting old and it's made from Prunes
What Toppings Do You Like On Your Pizza: Pineapple, Bacon, cheese (Heck Nevermind) Everything except brussel sprouts. I hate those things. Thanks Mum
Annoying habit: Beer tasting
Favorite Movies: Princess Bride, Matrix, Crouching Tiger, Blue Velvet
Favorite Animal & Why: Snuffleupagus? cool name. Doggies- humans best friend
Favorite Season: The first day of each here in Texas
Strangest thing you ate when you were a kid?: Soap, I think I cursed and my Mum flushed the mouth hole :)
Do you believe in aliens?: Legal ones that fly in UFOs, yes
Siblings: One of each for that perfect balance. Both older.
Hobbies: Going to get into sailing bigtime (very peaceful), Philatelist (But i think my mum gave em all away), Models, Music related computer stuff, Beer tasting, Scotch tasting, Vegas baby
Worst gig you ever did: Supermarket Grand opening- Strolling the aisles playing for 8 hours a day for 2 weeks. OUCH
Words of Wisdom: Life is too short to be old and cranky
 If the moon were made of ribs, would you eat it?: Only if it was Pork
Jibba or Jabba?: I pity the fool
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Steve endorses: Bells Super Lube
instrument lubricant.