Mingo Fishtrap


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"Mingo Fishtrap has plenty of fresh twists and takes that make their tunes, both on disc and live, much more rewarding than retro or throwback acts."

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"...tight 'n' punchy horns, deep rhythms, restless melodies, and emotive singing has garnered Mingo justified respect as a live powerhouse."
- David Lynch

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"If what James Brown supposedly said was true - "the one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing" - then Mingo Fishtrap has plenty of business to take care of in our nation's capital."
- Zoe Polluck

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"Few musical acts walk the style tightrope of Austin’s Mingo Fishtrap, whose music has some Motown snap, crossed with wrenching soul, all delivered with a grit that would give sandpaper competition."

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"...one of the hottest live bands in the country."

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"I had eargasm."
- Peg Simmons

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"Everyone here wants to buy a Bari Sax and be in a band like this."

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"Sly and the Family Stone and the Neville Brothers
in one."

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"Masters of music and entertainment, the music was tight, the tunes were big and moving. This is the kind of band that will swallow you with their talent. The music turns and twists, it curls up inside of you, this is a band you cannot ignore."
- Kristina Loye, Writer

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"Suddenly, I found myself listening to "Yesterday" even when it wasn't playing - its melodies making their way into my head's internal rotation... And yet with only a few spins, I'd been infected by Mingo Fishtrap. - Central Plains Jamband Society (CPJS)

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"Ever wonder what the love child of Stevie Wonder, Jamiroquai, and Billy Vera would sound like? [It would sound like] five-time South by Southwest / Austin Music Award winner Mingo Fishtrap: an octopus of tenacious funk."

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"Oh yeah, these guys strike a funky groove right from jump street. This is the kind of music you want
to listen to when you've been listening to too much dreary pose-rock. They make no bones about being in the business of getting you out of your seat and onto your feet. And if Mingo Fishtrap can't make you shake it, Jack, you dead."