Mingo Fishtrap


Austin Chronicle (for the album: "Yesterday" released 2005) Texas Platters
"A waft of dejavu hovers after spinning Mingo Fishtrap's new platter. Songs hit right from the get-go, like a friend of a friend you immediately dig after meeting. It's clear this funky Austin octet has a deep affinity for the title's alluded-to musical greats - Stevie Wonder, Tower of Power, Rejuvenation-era Meters. Yet this well-crafted album ain't about naked derivation: the 15 original tracks are as fresh as new car smell. The fourth release and second full-length of these Austin Music Award winners, Yesterday is a refinement of form and not a new stylis- tic direction. Wise choice, as their gumbo of tight 'n' punchy horns, deep rhythms, restless melodies, and emotive singing has garnered Mingo justified respect as a live powerhouse. Along with coast-to-coast tours, the booty-moving orchestra has shared stages with Parliament Funkadelic, Neville Brothers, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, and Ozomatli. But a set list ain't the same as a track list. Slower numbers like "Not the Same" and "Superman" may be suitable palate cleansers live, but here they stall an otherwise funky joyride, even if the vocals are as smooth as a chilled glass of Hennessy. Yet by launching Yesterday into the future, Mingo Fishtrap offers up one full-on funk party."
- Texas Platters review by David Lynch

Hidden Tracks CD Music Reviews (Australia)
Roger Blevins, Jr. was searching for a service station near a town called Denton in northern Texas and arrived at an intersection where Mingo Road meets Fishtrap Road, this is where he found the name for his band Mingo Fishtrap. The original line up of this octet had met as students in 1992 at the University of North Texas College of Music and have been thrilling live audiences ever since with their high energy mix of R&B, blues, soul, salsa, funk, and rock. Their recently released CD Yesterday finds them at the peak of their talents with 15 original tracks starting with Dirty Gritty which is pure vintage 1960's deep fried soul. The next track Sunday Afternoon is steeped in Stevie Wonder magic, while powerhouse ballads Superman and Not The Same remember the late Sam Cooke. The horn-fuelled On Our Way has a Latin flavour and leads into the Afro-swamp instrumental Fred's Slacks, while Happy Song is where the band shine and prove that they are worthy of a worldwide audi- ence. The tracks Off The Shed and Laid It Down have a more contemporary feel delving into the world of house music and rapid fire hip-hop. Every track on Yesterday is pure gold;listen to samples of this award winning band at www.mingofishtrap.com.